Terms of Use

Terms of Use

Signing up for an account implies that you agree to our terms of service. The following are the areas you must agree on;

Account Access

To access our service, it is a must that you must create an account. Once you sign up, you will receive an email notification. For security reasons, do not share your password with others. Pawn City Detroit will not be held responsible for how you operate your account. Once you notice that your account has been compromised, contact our support team immediately.

Widget License

City Pawn offers various widgets for various services, particularly social media like Facebook and Twitter. The widgets should be used unmodified. You can only modify through the interfaces provided by City Pawn. Third parties are not allowed to use our service using other software not approved by City Pawn.

Reward compensation

Through the control panel, we will track use of the widget by end users and offer detailed reporting about usage. It is your prerogative to set rewards for end users that intend to make use of the widget. Information regarding reward will be included. However, it is your duty to make available the rewards to the end users.

Your legal obligations

At City Pawn, our services are not for unlawful purposes. To mitigate unlawful use, we will incorporate technical limitations.

Fees and payment

We charge fees commensurate with the service render. If there are additional fees to be introduced; we will inform our customers at least one month in advance. We can terminate any package at any time. For payment, ensure to pay your fees as at when due to avoid service suspension.

Availability of the service

We will try our best to keep the service running 24/7. However, in case there is technical disruption, the website may not be available at all times. Also, we may not guarantee the destination of messages to recipients sent by emails or third party.

Sharing of Password with third party

We frown at users sharing their password to third parties. It may compromise the system. Once we notice that; we will suspend access to our platform.